Article 1. Name and Webpage

The name of the Organization shall be the Caltech Sovereignty Club.
The webpage shall be

Article 2. Mission and Philosophy

The mission of the Caltech Sovereignty Club is to promote the understanding of how sovereignty and governance work in the context of global politics. The Sovereignty Club aims to do so by facilitating discussions, talks, and other activities that will imbue it’s members with a better grasp of how nations work.

Article 3. Membership

Those eligible for membership in the Caltech Sovereignty Club are the students, faculty, and staff of Caltech. Undergraduate student members of the Club shall be in good standing with the Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee. The Club shall be composed of no less than a 3:2 student to affiliated (staff, etc.) member ratio.

Article 4. Officers and Duties

Officers of the Club shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary and shall be students of Caltech. Other positions and titles may be arbitrarily created or dismissed by mutual agreement.

Sovereign President: The President shall preside over meetings of the Club and ensure collaboration among the Officers. Shall work with the secretary to organize meeting agendas. Shall be responsible for recruitment and the long-term success of the Club.

Chief Sovereignty Officer: The Chief Sovereignty Officer shall preside over meetings in the president’s absence.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall manage the funds of the Club by running the Bursar’s account of the Club. The Treasurer shall help organize the Club budget for future years registration.

Secretary (of State): The Secretary shall take meeting minutes and assist with correspondence with guest speakers and administration.

Article 5. Quorum and Meetings

Meetings are expected to occur once every two weeks and are open to all members of the Caltech community and external individuals interested in attending. The purposes of the meetings of include:

  • Discussing readings and other materials
  • Sharing ideas, techniques, projects
  • Finding people with similar interests
  • Discussing upcoming events; ideas, planning, and preparation

Quorum shall consist of ⌊40%⌋ of active members and ⌊60%⌋ of Club officers present.

Article 6. Appointments

Mutual agreement. Appointed yearly during first term or otherwise as agreed.

Article 7: Amendments

Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any active member of the Club. Amendments must be ratified by a majority vote of quorum.