Special Announcement - Decentralization Club, Soup Kitchen,

Announcing Decentralization Club!

Mondays 6pm, BBB B101

The goal behind decentralization club is to get Caltech community members engaged in current efforts to decentralize the technological aspects of society. For example:

Sick of having to install a million chat apps on your phone just so you can communicate with everyone? The Matrix project has solved (or is solving) this problem. In our first meetings we will be talking about the benefits of the Matrix project AND holding working sessions so that people can help one another setup their own Matrix servers.

Perhaps you love the NSA (or the Chinese Communist Party) but, you know, wish you guys could, like, get away from one another sometimes? Asymmetric encryption, such a PGP, is pretty much the only hint these guys can take. We will be holding discussions are practical aspects of communication encryption and have tutorials where people can work together to learn how to easily encrypt their data and communications.

Investment banking is probably the third oldest profession in the world, after prostitution and tenured professorships. Despite this awesome historical pedigree, banking has, in a lot of ways, failed to keep up with the times technologically. Presently, finance is a wildly profitable industry for the few who are able to participate in it effectively, despite the fact that novel technologies, such a blockchain, are poised to upend the industry in the near future. We will be holding informational sessions on the strengths and weaknesses of blockchains and, if there is demand, practical sessions where people can start participating in decentralized financial networks.

What do all these topics have in common? A need for decentralization! A lot of the frustrations and mistreatment people resign themselves to every day are, in reality, readily solvable. Come to Decentralization Club and learn (or, better yet, teach!) the most innovative solutions to the world’s most mundane problems!

Decentralization Club

BBB B101

Mondays 6pm

Dylan Bannon, President


Soup Kitchen for the Pasadena homeless with the Caltech Y

Prepare and serve dinner to the residents at Union Station Adult Center in Pasadena. Food and materials are provided.

It’s not so much that we care about the homeless as it is that we’d like to get a better, visceral grasp of the structuralities that result in America, a country with an average per capita GDP of $54,629 (median: $17,593) and a carcerary population of 2.3 million people (451,000 due to drug offenses) to have 554,000 homeless people.

I’ve been saying that the solution to America’s homelessness crisis is to decriminalize drugs, freeing space in prison, and criminalize homelessness, housing the homeless. The numbers match perfectly.

Anyway. The kitchen soup happens Saturday’s twice a month, 5:15 - 9:15 PM . We’ll go sometime.

Attending a Pasadena City Council Meeting

Next meetings are slated for June 8, 15, 22. We should go.

It’s basically like old school Greece. Free speech and all. They keep recordings of all meetings and it’s GOLD. I watched this one. The whole first hour is the free speech part. Tune in at 27:00 where this guy (who speaks at multiple points) basically insult and scream at the councilmen who make stern faces and at one point the mayor is like “for those in the audience, particularly the scouts, sorry about this, we’re embarrassed, but free speech and all, we can’t enforce decorum quite how you’d wish, bear with us. If you become offended feel free to leave the room”. Incidentally this meeting is about homelessness.

One day Science Policy workshop in LA this Tuesday, June 25 10am

Ask Eduardo for a code for FREE tickets (he’s going).

Program summary: The day will feature keynotes and presentations by noted experts in media, policy, and science, including elected officials, journalists and researchers. Attendees will be seated at round tables where they will listen to the presentations and also be tasked with working with their table on key discussion points in a modified workshop format.

~~~ This special announcement was brought to you courtesy of Sovereignty Club ~~~

Stay tuned for another email with the actual topic for next meeting.

And if you want to present something please let me know.

- Eduardo