Official Continuous Election Thread

As per article 8 of the Sovereignty Club constitution v19.09:

Article 8. Elections
At Sovereignty Club we would like to live in the cutting edge, but sometimes you just cut yourself. While we would really like to have voting happening on the blockchain, even we couldn’t get that working. One day. In the meantime, we shall innovate with continuous voting on the Sovereignty Forums, and all the limitations entailed. The rules are:

  • President, treasurer and secretary (of state) are permanent positions always up for voting.

  • Voting is not anonymous. Anyone can vote, but only real members™ get their votes counted.

  • On the Official Continuous Election Thread, any real member may state their voting preferences at any time. If updating preferences, the post should be edited instead of making a new one.

  • Stated preferences may be ranked so as to allow counting with an instant runoff.

  • Voting never ends.

  • Winning candidates assume office at the next Sovereignty Club meeting. If a candidate overtakes the incumbent during a meeting, they take office immediately. A good way to throw a coup is to declare the meeting over as soon as you take office.

  • Abuse of technical vulnerabilities in the voting system is encouraged and resulting outcomes may be

  • treated as legitimate.

  • People may also vote for other positions, but no promises made.

Go wild.

I vote for:

Eduardo for President
Dylan for Secretary (of State)
David for Treasurer

Raj for head of Iindian affairs
Michael for head of roman affairs
Sam for Pharaoh
Virgil for internet mystery man.