October 8 - e-Estonia 🇪🇪

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After 3 long, sad, bullshit-less weeks, I’m finally back from my investigative journalism trip to the nordics. This week we’ll be discussing Estonia and e-Estonia, it’s digital alter ego of which I’m now a proud e-resident. They are so serious about it that their top level domain is .ee as you can see: https://estonia.ee/

Like many other countries, Estonia has an abusive relationship with Russia. And also several other countries, as it was (is?) rather fashionable to abuse your neighbors. Below is an abridged Estonian history, where we only list the successful occupations.

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  • In the beginning there were vikings, or something along those lines.
  • Then in the 1200s the Danes took over after the Dannebrog fell from the sky.
  • The Swedes tried to take over, failed, then tried again in the 1500s and succeeded, after a long and terrible war…with the Russians, who had just invaded.
  • Many nice castles were built, to keep the Russians, or whoever was not the current owner of Estonia, out.
  • The Russians kept trying, and in the 1700s the Swedes gave them Estonia (just like they did with Finland 100 years later)
  • In 1917 Russia self-knockout. The Estonians made a run for it, and declare independence on February 24, 1918. The next day the Germans occupies the capital, Tallinn.
  • Then the Germans lost the war. And the commies walk in. But the Estonians were having none of it, so they start a civil war, with help from the allies.
  • In 1920 the commies give up and promise to never again take over Estonia. Everybody is surprised.
  • Nothing happens for 20 years because all of Europe is ravaged.
  • In 1940 the commies annex Estonia.
  • In 1941 Germany occupies Estonia.
  • In 1944 the commies bomb Tallin, then annex Estonia.
  • In 1987, tired of war, the Estonians start singing. Somewhat surprisingly it works, and 20 August 1991 becomes Estonia’s second independence day. (± 8 other independence days)
  • Estonia proceeds to build a digital society.

Note: All events between 1917 and 1991 happened literally verbatim with Lithuania and Latvia. No wonder they are referred to as the Baltic states. Even their GDP is perfectly correlated.

It is my desire to show pictures of Estonia and perhaps even what can be done with the Estonian e-residency cards, however the weather forecasts says there’s a 100% chance of bullshit going over time.