November 27 - Putting the international_ in _intersectionality_!

~~~ brought to you by dylan ~~~
This week’s lecture has been officially* listed with Caltech’s Office of the Registrar. Please find the course description below.

Sovclub [1 unit, pizza included, bullshit not graded]

This week’s sovclub will provide attendees with a crash course on the past 300 years of Western intellectual history. All participants should walk away with an almost shaky understanding of everything from Hegel’s The Phenomenology of Spirit to the newest season of Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley, and be able to trace the influences of the central intellectual themes of this period to their contemporary manifestations, such as the Trump impeachment hearings, White Fragility, and Trigglypuff.

But seriously, we’re going to talk about White Fragility, in particular (see paper), and the possibility of generalizing Western social narratives to a more international context, in general (see WIP manuscript, please contribute) This promises to be a vegetable-throwing good time!

*unofficially, like Jeff and Taiwan

See you at 6pm,

Dylan (et al.)