November 20: Kofi, for real, maybe

Tomorrow bullshit will start at the usual time (6pm) BUT at a slightly different place : just outside Sovereignty Lounge, at the Beckman Institute Courtyard, next to the gene pool. The reason for this is that there is a BE happy hour going on (starting at 5pm) so in order to save money and get a break from pizza, you are all cordially invited. At 6:30pm or so we shall transition to the Sovereignty Lounge sofa for the presentation.

Hopefully we’ll get around to talking about Kofi this time, check the post from last week if you didn’t read it (I know you didn’t).

I strongly recommend this excerpt from Kofi’s book where he describes what is basically a sovclub meeting, except instead of Stick Fight it ends with Iraq Fight.

Now, I know that you’re all very sad that I’m writing such a short email. So, in order to give you something to read, I’d like to share some articles on what is going on at Hong Kong, which I was planning to discuss at BS time anyways:



PS: If you have friends intimately familiar with the Hong Kong events, now is the time to cajole them into coming to sovclub.

PSS: Due to a string of trips, for this year I can only preside over 3 more meetings: Nov 20, Nov 27 and Dec 4. Feel free to throw a coup in my absence, Dylan would be thrilled.