Nov 20 discussion - Comparative thanksgiving and ethnic conflict

It’s that time of the year again! When Americans get together with family to be thankful for… the natives not killing the pilgrims back in the day so that they could return the favour? Makes you wonder if the latin america should celebrate the naivety and poor bellicosity of the Aztecs.

We will be exceptionally meeting today, Tuesday, at 6pm at Chandler - because they have free thanksgiving food starting at 5pm (lines are likely to be yuge so if you arrive at 5 to get food get ready to wait).

We’ll take this splendid opportunity to be thankful for all the things we have to be thankful for, including, but not restricted to, the New World Order, the great job the EU has been doing, and the Pax Americana. What historical development would you be thankful for?

After we’re done being thankful we’ll discuss ethnic conflicts, taking a step back to consider all the horrible things nations do to their native peoples (and what the peoples do to the other peoples). We would love to hear about the atrocities you know about, but if you need food for thought here’s what Canada did 150 years ago (quote: Of course, all this was happening in an era that was comparatively brutal almost everywhere). Incidentally, they also celebrate thanksgiving, but a month ago.