Nov 14 discussion: the Future of Nation States

What are nation states? Where do they come from? Where are they going to?

This week on Sovereignty Club we’re getting around to finally discussing this article from Aeon about nation-states and city-states:

We’ll be meeting this Wednesday, November 14 at 6pm on Sovereignty Lounge, BBB B101 to discuss.

I should note that the author of the article has written a(n) (appropriately titled) book called Radicals Chasing Utopia, which I ended up reading since I liked the article. In the book he basically devotes one chapter to a group doing wonky stuff: psichedelics peole, enviromentalist groups, hippie communes, right wing European movements, the five start movement in Italy, the transumanist crowd in the US and the crazy libertarians trying to make Liberland a reality. If you haven’t heard of Liberland I strongly encourage you to read a bit on it, since it’s directly related to this week’s topic.