May 7 - 📿

It’s finally happened…

I mean, we all secretly knew that Sovereignty Club had no sense of decency, intentionally flaunted every rule it knew about, and had probably pawned its moral compass for pizza many weeks ago. We all knew, intellectually, that this day would come…

But so soon?

Alas, this Wednesday, May 7th, at 6pm in the Sovereignty Lounge (BBB B101), Sovereignty Club is doing a presentation on a concept so repugnant, so terrible, so blacklistable that even the communists recoil at its mere mention. I speak, of course, of


(In reality, the presentation is on sanctuary cities but, since they’re the only surviving political relic of the intellectual framework that buttressed the Confederate States of America and which is today, most ironically, championed by California, I figured I might grab more eyeballs with the states’ rights angle. Seriously, it’ll only be one speculative slide at the end of the presentation. So, don’t get too excited.)