May 29 - GoT 🐺

Warning! some spoilers ahead…

Critique of the GoT show not books.

As we have obviously finished debating all the real world politics (nothing major happens around the world anymore right?) so, let us instead head to debating fictional world politics.

Westeros had been the main stage for some of the best game of politics on Television. Based on the writing of author George R.R. Martin, whose rich imagination and inspiration from Medieval European history (see Ted-ED: crafted the story of GoT with many phenomenal and well developed characters like Petyr Baelish (Little Finger) who was almost singlehandedly responsible the War of the Five Kings. Varys, the master of whisperers, and one of the best players of the game, and lived through the reign of three consecutive kings. Tyrion Lannister, who (and I stress the past tense) was set up to be the one of the cleverest men in the show. And many more. Literally too many to put down in this email.

Season after season, the show delivered excellent adaptation of the book series, and brought to life the power of politics in a natural and seamless way. Maybe you are thinking, umm, it’s a show with dragons and ice zombies! How in the world would you expect the events make natural sense? Well, once you know the rules of this fictional planet, and going back to all the major events that shocked the viewers like, the beheading of Ned Stark, the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding, and the ending of the trial by combat between the Mountain and Oberyn Martell. All of these events shocked us but they all made sense!

This meeting, I want to discuss my dissatisfaction with the writing for the last seasons of game of thrones as it directly correlates with the decline in political intrigue and ACTUAL GAME of thrones. How did ALL the people driving the story forward and pulling all the strings (like the afore mentioned characters) suddenly caught the stupidity flu? How did Baelish’s cunning leave him begging for mercy in while there were several ways for him to delay his death? How in the world did Tyrion trust Cersei OVER and OVER and make some of the worst political and strategic decisions in the history of the show? How did Varys, the master of whisperers fail to send a letter or devise a slightly less basic of a plan than just walking to Jon Snow and proposing open treason? Why is all the money of the show is spent on CGI polar bears, and not a delicious scene of lies and backstabbing??

Where are the politics?? Where is the plotting and schemes? Where is the GAME? All of this and more will be addressed… Do you agree? Disagree? Hope that some will be defending the show’s writing/ending and we’ll have a nice little battle of stuffed fruit-throwing.

Honorable Secretary of the Interior,


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