March 27 discussion - The Future of Svalbard

The archaic borders on earth and the petty politics of the humans had already led to what they described as the ‘The Great War’. The reptilian overlords knew that the only way to save the world was to create a safe zone that anyone could seek refuge in. An area, so desolate, that only the brave may dare. Thus, a plan was hatched and the leaders of the world were coerced to sign a treaty declaring an area that would not be bound by borders and any brave individual who sought to make the trip could now travel to. The Svalbard Treaty was signed. In due time, it would also develop into a genetic bank for future races to prosper from.

But alas, human greed would soon find its way to challenge it all and lead to the Longyearbyen Dilemma. The treaty had been signed without informing the leaders of the oil in the region. And oil meant politics. Even the overlords hadn’t expected the world to warm up enough to make this an issue. But once the humans found out, they were persistent. The humans started increasingly burning fossil fuels and thwarted any attempts by the saner among them to stop the ice from melting. Svalbard’s status grew more challenged. As the Arctic thaws, new borders are being drawn. The tanks are already rolling in.

As the closest intellects to our masters here on earth, we gather this Wednesday, March 27, at 6 pm on Sovereignty Lounge, BBB B101, in a clandestine operation to discuss the future of Svalbard.