Mar 13 discussion - sovclub bureaucracy + more singapore pictures

As social entities come into being, grow and evolve, they all share a common hallmark of human nature as they transition into stable organizations: bureaucracy.

From the early Roman empire bureaucrats driving the Gauls nuts to the world’s largest organization, it’s easy to under appreciate the often stereotyped and parodied procedures that form the staples of civilization. Sovereignty Club too, as it matures into it’s own thing, with record quorums, coup attempts, political militants, and even pushes for gender equality, finds itself ensnared in bureaucracy. From a website, to a constitution nobody reads, to political recognition, to real snail mail, to the first democratically approved resolution regulating bullshit to the first 30 minutes of the meeting, that is nothing if not hockey-stick-like-growth, and for that, I toast!

And with such joyous thoughts in mind, I’d like to present you with two more bureaucratic developments:

1) Our new mascot needs a name.

In order to stimulate democracy and freedom, I’m not posting them here - you need to visit this week’s thread on the forum in order to vote on one of the options. Absentee votes cast online will be considered, and in-person-in-meeting votes are valid too. If we mobilize we could have higher online voting participation than Estonia.

  • Mr. Raffles (Raffles between friends)
  • Singo, the bear (which will be forever alone)
  • Instant, the runnoff bear
  • S’pore, the bear (of contagious enthusiasm about Singapore)
  • Eduardo

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2) Hosting meeting topics now has a regulatory framework

It sparks much joy in my heart that many peoples expressed interest in hosting the meeting discussions, and I’m happy to announce a simple regulatory framework that will allow the market to flourish without too many casualties and externalities.

  • Anyone can request to host the discussion on any meeting date that has not currently been allotted
  • The host should provide at least one reading for the discussion, which will be distributed ahead of time on the announcement email
  • The host should compose the announcement email. (It is recommended that the finish email reach at least 3 snarks when measured with a snarkometer)
  • The email title should contain at least one emoji
  • The emails contents should be posted on Sovereignty Forums, to serve as the weekly discussion thread.

To stir up discussion, intrigue and interest, I tabulated below a few topics I heard people were interested in hosting.

That all. See you today at 6pm on Sovereignty Lounge, BBB B101


PS: Yes there’ll be more Singapore pictures today, but that will be it, I promise*

*subjected to democratic overturn