June 5 Discussion - The Greatest Show on Earth

With 7 recognized national parties and 59 recognized state parties splurging a whopping 7 billion USD, the Indian elections are a spectacle in every respect. So much so that it has sprung a tourism industry.

With 603 million of the eligible 900 million voters utilizing the franchise, this has been the largest exercise in democracy ever. And the results have been equally historic. Most notably the communist parties of India were reduced to less than 1% of the seats. While there have been criticisms of the elections becoming increasingly presidential or even compared to the end of democracy in India, it is in keeping with the populist movements sweeping the world and support for politicians with a strongman image.

Join us today at 6 pm on Sovereignty Lounge, BBB B101 as we take a dive into the greatest show on earth and the mess cum advantages of direct democracy like India. We follow it up with a short analysis of what it means for India and the world going forward.


Its a wonder the elections occur with such efficiency considering everything runs in Indian on the IST.

https://www.sixthtone.com/news/1003946/a-question-of-tradition-culture-through-the-lens-of-may-fourth. I’d take the view that we shouldn’t blame the later assaults on traditional culture on this. Certainly not the opportunists.