June 25 - Takehomes from science policy workshop + democratic debates

So! Today (with Austin by happenstance) I went to this science policy workshop. It was interesting. I learned, for example, that California has it’s own travel ban. I also learned that it’s an even more liberal place than I previously thought. And at the end of the workshop I ended up chatting with the guy than created and runs Community Partners, which is like an accelerator for public benefit initiatives that has been going for 27 years and now manages 170 initiatives and $50M in annual revenue. It was a cool story. I’ll tell you more tomorrow. BUT now I have to tell you about our very important special event at after the meeting…

As you know, the next season of the second greatest show on earth is about to start. To Celebrate that, Sovereignty club has partnered with NeuroTechers Movie Night™ to bring you the best that the American entertainment industry has to offer. So…

It is my pleasure to inform you that tomorrow, 7:30pm after the meeting we’ll be watching the 10-person-free-for-all democratic debate (as opposed to the autocratic one I guess).

One of these lucky contestants could become the next leader of the free world! Stay tuned! And come over to BBB B101 at 6pm tomorrow, Wednesday, for food, drinks, happiness, and ill advised opinions!

I’m guessing that by “liberal” you refer to the “modern American” definition, as opposed to it’s actual definition? E.g. on https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberalism_in_the_United_States

Yeah. Specifically, what Dylan would tell me are called “progressives”