June 12 - Nothing! 💩

So, it finally happened (again). I leave for a week (again) and Dylan can’t even pull a proper coup. BUT, does not despair, I have convinced him to order a modicum amount of pizza (5) and see what happens.

He actually has some surprise announcement TOTALLY UNRELATED to Sovereignty Club. You should come check it out. Or just eat pizza.

For my tele-bullshit-contribution this week, I would like to tell you that Matrix 1.0 has been released. What is Matrix you ask? Well, it’s essentially like a (poorly named) spirtual successor to XMPP, it’s a new communication protocol and standard to make it easy for people to host decentralized, inter-operable chats. Think of it like IRC (which can be federated), but with features of newer chat apps like Slack or Telegram. What get’s me excited about Matrix is that they allow for “bridges”, which are relays of messages from different services into Matrix. So, if you set it up properly (and currently it is a bit of a headache to get it working properly) you could have it so that you are able to send and receive messages from Hangouts, iMessage, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, and Slack all from within Matrix.

/end bullshit

So come today to BBB B101 at 6pm, for pizza!