July 4 special event: Sovereignty club celebrates America Day™

Today being Americans birthday, and this being a club about countries (full of people with no plans whatsoever), it was realized that this was opportune cause for impromptu celebration. Thus it was decided that:

Today 4 July 2019 at 18:00h on Sovereignty Lounge BBB B101 there shall be an impromptu celebration of America Day™

We will screen something. Either this 56min PBS documentary about Nixon (if I can ever figure how to watch it online) or this 30min documentary about the American Revolution as per Sam’s suggestion. Or we can also watch this documentary.

Also, in true American fashion, we’ll be making some caipirinha. We’ll have some snacks, but you’re welcome to bring food.

Finally, at 21:00h there’s a 30 min fireworks show from Rose Bowl which we can watch from the mountains, or, if we’re feeling lazy, the top of the Millikan library.