July 31 - Constitutional Assembly! + Special event August 1: Movie night

It’s not easy to run a not entirely autocratic/anarchic country/organization/institution/group/club. If someone is not gonna be calling all the shots, you need rule of law, and when you write down the law you got a constitution. But here’s the catch: the first time you write a constitution you can pretty much do whatever you want, since presumably you want to ignore everything before!

So you call a constituent assembly with your friends, write down your wildest dreams and aspirations, and then it becomes a problem for the generations of the future to deal with it! (I’m looking at you, :india::us::brazil::fr::argentina::mexico: et al. ). Most of what you dream will probably be set up in stone and be too annoying to overturn constitutionally, sticking around until the next revolution. As wikipedia puts it:

As the fundamental document constituting a state, a constitution cannot normally be modified or amended by the state’s normal legislative procedures; instead a constitutional convention or a constituent assembly, the rules for which are normally laid down in the constitution, must be set up. A constituent assembly is usually set up for its specific purpose, which it carries out in a relatively short time, after which the assembly is dissolved.

And now, for a limited time only, you too can be a founding father/mother/hijra/Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicoper of Sovereignty Club!* I proudly present you the the working draft of the

Sovereignty Club Constitution v19.07.

Recent additions/sections highlighted in green. Please go wild and write whatever you want**. Bonus points if you can ostensibly, but not actually, violate the Student Club Handbook. The same applies for American and international law. Bring your laptop/phone/ideas for the constitutional assembly. Thanks.

Special Event Announcement: Sovereignty Club joins forces with Movie Night.

Thursday August 1 at 7:30pm:

As is traditional with movie nights, the movie to be watched is introduced in the form of a riddle/haiku:

It’s not easy to be #1

Gotta beat the commies, gotta break some hearts

But still they keep lovin’ you back

Can’t crack the riddle? Come to Sovereignty Club tonight at 6pm on BBB B101 and we’ll tell you the answer so you can brag to your friends!



*For guidelines on how to write a constitution, see here.

**Keep the honor code in mind