Jan 30 discussion - As the US govt reopens so does Sovereignty Club

It has been a long shutdown - 47 days and counting! But finally, as America reels with the end/pause of the greatest partial US government shutdown in the history of humankind, we finally got around to reopening Sovereignty club!

We’ll be meeting this Wednesday, 6pm at the Sovereignty Lounge, BBB B101 to discuss… what has been up with the world for the past month and a half! (we were going to have a proper topic before I realized we’d probably spend the whole hour going over current events either way).

In case you were too busy living in your own little bubble, here’s some of what’s been happening (my coverage is biased so you should try to rectify that with your own links):

:venezuela::fire: Venezuela had an election! Back in May. Guess who won! But 8 months after the fact the national assembly comes around to complain, then America says something, then Maduro gets pissed off and tells Americans to gtfo because he’s severing diplomatic ties, then Russia says something, and here we are with this hullabahoo. Yeah. If you’re unaware of what’s going on, the NYT wrote a Venezuela for dummies primer. But really the most visceral depiction of Venezuelan reality you could ask for is this Bloomberg article on how Venezuelans are resorting to farming gold in Runescape and Tibia for income.

:brazil::100: Brazil had an election! Back in October. But it was only this month that Trumponaro took over. He did not disappoint, however - scandals began before he was even inaugurated. That was a great relief - for a few says after the election one might have had the impression the country had a semblance of institutional rule of law, which would spell trouble for future seasons of Netflix wonderful series The Mechanism.

:canada::iphone::cn: Canada is still embroiled with China over Huawei for actually sticking to the treaties they sign. THANKS AMERICA, says Canada China ambassador shortly before getting fired.

:uk::broken_heart::eu: Brexit continues to go nowhere! But I’m not sure that’s news.

:syria::boom::us: Syria civil war continues to wane, Mr. Assad on track to win. Meanwhile Mr. Trump “essentially” fired the secretary of state over withdrawing troops from Syria.

:mexico: :tent: The migrant caravan is here to stay! In Mexico. For now. In an interesting development, Mexico’s new president moved to speedup and facilitate issuing humanitarian work visas for migrants.

I think that’s pretty much all that happened since last meeting. If you think I missed something please post below.