Feb 13 discussion - clients and patron (states)

Everybody needs a pal, right? :handshake:

We know that corporations are people and are created by governments. Further, since Louis Pasteur stated that, “There is now no circumstance known in which it can be affirmed that… beings came into the world… without parents similar to themselves.” in 1864, a whole 24 years before corporations became people, we can safely infer that governments are people too - exhibiting all the same needs, wants, and megalomanias that possess us privileged, cis-corporeal people. This is evident from the unpredictable, distant, and temperamental relationship a more powerful government shares with its client states.

Such relationships typically begin after a series A funding round, when an affluent state steps into the international scene in the search for country/market market fit, trying to find clients and validate their governance model. It is like they say in international politics: the client is always right, as long as they agree with us.

And while having a more professional, business oriented association is a step up from the abusive relationships of colonialism, when all the love cool toys are gone, it can all go down in flames. Given that the relationship can be so much trouble, we can ask ourselves on one hand, what better alternatives exist and, on the other, what dystopias are we spared by client states?

Regardless, not all is sadness and tears when engaging in real biznez politik. Much like Sovereignty Club and Neurotechers (whom we let eat our cookies much like we eat theirs), America and the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and Palau enjoy a compact of free association. And there many other examples of formal (to varying degrees) associations between states. For those more sovereignly-minded among us, how might the institution of client state provide a stepping to true sovereignty?

And while who, exactly, might be a client, is up for debate, client states have been a staple of human politics since time immemorial. But what does the future of the client-patron relationship look like?

Join us this Wednesday, February 13, 6pm at Sovereignty Club to discuss!

PS: This week’s discussion is brought to you by our very own Secretary (of State), Mr. Bannon, with some jokes and emojis added by yours trully.