December 5 - A year or so in review

So! This is my last week around until the end of January, and I thought some kind of closure* for the year would be appropriate (and take less time than a presentation).

It’s been about a year worth of meetings since sovclub started. We’ve gone further and got more funding than anyone ever hoped for (which were, respectively, nowhere and nothing).

People kept, confusingly, coming back. Even more bizarre, at times, after meetings where over, they would just keep talking. It’s almost like they like bullshitting.

I was going to make a presentation relishing our best/worst/anything moments. But then I realized. Just as with our constitution, I could outsource it. And people would do it for free. So here it is, ladies, gentlemans, unglentlemans, and apache attack helicopters:

Please add whatever you want. I will present your slides tomorrow, as added. If at any point I’m doing a terrible job, you know what to do. Vegetable caps will be lifted. Go wild.