Constitutional Ammendment

So, the day finally came. The regulators are finally onto us. They said this:

Hello Eduardo, Dylan, and David,
I’m reaching out to you today after reviewing the Caltech Sovereignty Club’s Constitution.
Here are some notes that I have and I hope that you can make some revisions and reupload the Constitution.

  1. Under “Membership,” you say that faculty and staff are eligible for membership. Please note that faculty and staff are eligible to be affiliate members of clubs according to the Student Club Handbook. It would be helpful if you could add language to differentiate who is eligible for full membership and affiliate membership.
  2. Please include sections regarding Elections, Funds, and Advisor. For more information regarding these sections, please go to

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Lynn Huh |Student Engagement Coordinator
Student Activities and Programs
Mail Code 160-86 |(626) 395-2768
Cell (661) 733-4021

Our constitution is here:

The example constitution provided says the following in the sections of interest:

Article VI Elections:
A. State which officers will be selected by the membership, how long the terms
of these offices will last, and how many times a person may hold the same
B. State the nominating procedures and when they will take place.
C. State how nominees will present their qualifications and how and when
elections will be held.
D. State procedures in case a runoff is necessary.
Article VII Funds:
State procedures for the allocation of club funds (revenues and expenses).
Article VIII Committees/Divisions:
State what standing and/or ad-hoc committees or what divisions will exist in the
club and the function and composition of each.
Article IX Advisor:
State procedures for the qualifications and selection of a Club Advisor and the
function and duties of said person.

We being Sovereignty Club, I’m not sure how much into democracy we are. I’m thinking about having the following:

At the Sovereignty club we’ve had much talk about democracy. we think we can do better. The president shall be the most proactive person in the club, which should be self evident. In case it is not self evident, the disputing parties may keep arguing until someone wins, or we end up with a hard fork and now we have Sovclub and sovclub-classic, with the funds being split half and half. Same goes for secretary and treasurer. All other positions and titles can be just made up at any point arbitrarily anyway.

All the monies we get shall be used primarily to:
i) Renew the website
ii) Buy food for meetings

In the extraordinary event we receive more money than we spend on food, we shall have a constitutional crisis.

The Sovereignty Club advisor shall be whoever is willing and able to sign off on it so that the club can achieve legitimacy with our peers and the Caltech Wesphalian Club system.
In case more than one person can be and wants to be Sovereignty Club advisor, we shall have two (or more) advisors. If that is impossible, we’ll have a constitutional crisis.

We could adopt the political system of Ankh Morpork:

“Ankh-Morpork had dallied with many forms of government and had ended up with that form of democracy known as One Man, One Vote. The Patrician was the Man; he had the Vote.” – Terry Pratchett

That is good. Personally I’m hoping for a variant called One Man, One Smartcontract nobody can figure out how to use