August 21 - UBI!

~~~ Disclaimer: This week’s discussion is brought to you by Dylan & Eduardo and may cause cognitive dissonance* ~~~

I – we – swear this week’s topic came up entirely unrelated to whatever might be happening in some countries. Due to increased noise in the interwebs (a prelude to a future coming soon near you where the spambots overtake humankind), we present you with an abridged version of UBI:

What: Give everyone** money, regularly, for free.


  • Simpler than every other welfare program
  • People can do whatever they want with their money


  • Costs money
  • People can do whatever they want with their money

Does it work? Nobody knows. There’s like a billion articles and studies on the internet. Earlier this year Finland released preliminary results of a 2 year kinda UBI experiment and, right here in our backyard-ish, Stockton, CA is also kinda running a UBI experiment currently. But the truth is nobody is willing to cough up enough money to make a proper study (see bullet point #1 of the cons list). Maybe one day we’ll find out, when we’re living in a post scarcity economy after the machines make our labor worthless but keep us around as pets or something amusing anyways.

Until then, join us at BBB B101

:orange_heart:, Dylan & Eduardo

PS: This is your last opportunity to immortalize yourself as a founding parent of Sovereignty Club, just sign the constitution and add whatever you want***

*more than usual

**subject to your definition of “everyone”

***subject to the honor code