April 3 - Sovereignty club game: spicing things up!

Hello fellow aspiring sovereigns. This week’s meeting at BBB B101 will have a slightly different format. Here is the plan:

Goal: Create your very own sovereign nation or modify existing one in your image.

  1. Pick a sovereign nation of interest or name/figure out the location of your own.

  2. Spend 30 minutes (no more - don’t be a cheater) before the meeting and research whatever you feel is necessary to help you make the desired modification about the nation or build up your own.

  3. At the meeting (starting at 6 pm, no time for bullshit), we will go around the table and share our ideas.

You are encouraged to poke holes in others’ plans and ask question (never attack the presenter).

This is experimental, so let’s have some fun. Let me know if you have any questions.


(Also thank you Dylan and Edu for letting me try this)