April 29 - World Domination from our Lair on the Moon

Eduardo the Despot has agreed to donate a portion of his billion dollars syphoned off from his hippie country off the coast of Singapore. Like all despots, he has commanded that this money must be used for nefarious purposes. Your representatives in the Sov Club governing body have accordingly decided to use it to colonize the moon. Afterall. we needed to get away from the surveillance of states here on earth to properly plan for world domination. However, lots of questions remain.

  • As an international organization, what laws apply for a crime one of us commits (some of us plan to depose Eduardo once there)?
  • Would your poop come under environmental degradation?
  • What country would your future generations belong to?
  • Can we set up a police force to govern our small colony?
  • Can we prevent a moon rover from entering our colony and snoop on us?
  • Can we have agriculture to sustain ourselves?
  • Can we be sued for littering the moon?
  • Can we scavenge from fallen satellites?

To assess these questions and more, we have planned to meet on the 1st of May, 6:00 PM (International Labour Day) in our Lair of Doom (Sovereignty Club Lounge, BBB B101) to discuss our legal obligations for our adventures beyond earth.