April 10 - International Science Policy

Thank you all for giving me this chance to present my super rough-and-may-not-even-happen idea on starting international science policy events on campus! I guess the format is also slightly different from previous discussions but I would suggest a 20-30 mins of me talking (and yes please interrupt and ask questions) about the resources that I have learnt from my trips last year and 30 mins of discussion/brain storming.

My talk will be mainly on the Global Climate Action Summit and the Climate Week NYC and I’m also attaching the useful links and websites at the end if you are interested in doing some work ahead of time.

The rest of time will be everyone talking about ways to be engaged in international science policy making. Unlike local and state level science policies, we do not have that many geographically available resources and the lag to transfer science to policy is even longer because countries join/leave the UN Committees and sign/break the contract in a rather casual, unpredictable and carefree pattern. Despite the obstacles, I believe there are people who are interested in doing international science policy works and we should start to make things easier for these people.

Since my connections are limited to Climate Science and sustainability, it would be nice if we can also hear about how international science policy interfaces are strengthened in other fields. Besides, ideas and input on what kind of events, talks or even trainings could be organized on campus are also welcomed – to be honest, any kind of thought on this big and vague topic would be greatly appreciated.

See you guys this Wednesday in B101!



The Climate Group
The Climate Week NYC
The Global Climate Action Summit
The Sallan Foundation
UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)
COP Conference
COP Observer Status
Youth Policy
International Science-Policy Interfaces
World Science Forum
IPCC Report