2020-04-29 Do you care about healthcare

As promised on Saturday, tomorrow we’ll have a real discussion! (but rest assured that bullshit time will be allowed to proceed for up to 30 min). Ollie will tell us about the Caltech grad student healthcare petition which was forwarded to the administration on Monday, and by the end of the meeting, if nobody complains, sovclub will add the prestige of it’s name to the undersigned.

See you tomorrow


Emails ent on saturday:

Given the smattering popularity of last week’s beer hour (and the fact I had a problem set due late yesterday) tonight, we shall re-convene for another impromptu sovbeerhour. Alcohol highly encouraged.

But I also wanted to tell you about our agenda for Wednesday next week (we got one for real this time). As you might have heard, grad students are up in arms with the planned changes for the healthcare insurance plan. There is a drafted petition going around and Ollie has been spearheading a campaign to get as many signatures as possible from students and student organizations. And, sovclub, being a club, was asked to sign (lol, yeah, I had the same reaction as you right now).

This is the first (and likely the last) time sovclub has been invited to weight on a public matter (sad public transit officials stuck with soccer moms notwithstanding) and I figured we needed some kind of protocol to figure what to do. A reasonable thing to do is to say yes unless someone says no.

So! In a stroke of genius, I cajoled Ollie into attending sovcall on Wednesday, where he will tell us about the petition and answer questions. You are all invited to come on Wednesday and tell him about why you don’t agree with the petition, why grad students don’t deserve better, and why the American healthcare system is perfect. If by the end of sovcall nobody is objecting, we will sign the petition! Simple as that. (If you do have objections, you’re welcome to come change your mind, or just straight up sell your support. I believe Dylan might have his own petition in exchange for support).

But! Tonight we just bullshit. Yesterday has been quite a day in bananaland (that’s what the 🍌in the title are paying homage to) and I’m itching to tell people about it. Join us in the link below at 6PM cartime, 8PM indiantime, 9PM puritantime, 10PM bananantime, 9AM Sunday duriantime, 6:30AM bollywoodtime (ok no yeah I don’t think raj is coming today, sadly)


See you then