2020-04-22 Sovblog

Another week, another bunch of terrible things. The liberals admit defeat. China finishes the job. Modi can’t do the job. Trumponaro attends anti-democracy rally and coughs on manifestants (like a lot lol). Singapore has fallen.

At Sovclub we pride ourselves in our smug, knee-jerk, ill-or-over-informed responses to any political event, past, present, future, hypothetical, or just happening in a parallel multiverse. Sometimes these even evolve into rants, and you know, like they say, its a pity to let a good rant go to waste. Especially now when everyone has too much time to rant on their hands.

So recently at sovchat*, while reminiscing about all those wasted rants, it hit us. Paraphrasing Austin: “Sovblog. Like Caltech Letters, but for confusing over-informed political rants” . Incidentally, Netlify makes it rather straightforward to create a static blog that is recompiled every time you push to GitHub.

And so it was born: https://blog.caltechsovereignty.club/

We are, of course, inviting contributions from anyone, saying anything, ideally about countries, but also stuff.

See you tonight, 6PM cartime, 8PM indiantime, 9PM puritantime, 10PM bananatime, 9AM Saturday duriantime, 6:30AM bollywoodtime. (yes, Raj said he might make this heroic effort to bestow upon us the honour of his presence and the latest of India)



*yes its a thing. Very exclusive. Just ask me and I’ll add you