2020-04-08 Nothing exciting

I told you last week that this week we’d either have something very existing to talk about, or not. Well we don’t. We’ll just talk about the future of the global order in the context of current events. I have the impression that now that everyone is done upending their lives, we’re starting to see some more thought-out articles. Below are some of my favorites:

March 24: Is COVID-19 a Geopolitical Game-Changer?

April 4: Stretching the International Order to Its Breaking Point - The greatest error that geopolitical analysts can make may be believing that the crisis will be over in three to four months.

April 7: The Pandemic Will Accelerate History Rather Than Reshape It - Not Every Crisis Is a Turning Point

2019: The WHO Global Inflluenza Strategy, 2019-2030. OK, arguably not an article, and not from this year either. But it makes for lovely fiction reading, since virtually none of the recommendations were followed by any major country.

So, if you are interested in nothing exciting, join us on Wednesday, April 9, at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, or 1:00 AM Thursday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), wherever, whenever, whoever, whatever, however you are. Just don’t forget your alcohol. Here’s the Zoom link:


See you in 19 hours and 19 minutes,


PS: Some of you might have missed the fact that Onion Bot, a relative of Sovbot, got his/her/their/it’s/that’s/eir first article published in the April 1 Edition of The Hot Rivet, which I copy below and attach the full journal for your appreciation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R7CENaqxPRA8CBj7uzMhhjsZIFyKhYZ8