2020-03-25 Sovcall

As we adapt to a changing global order and brace for an uncertain future, it is important to remember that Sovclub is here for you. We’ll be meeting at our usual time, wherever you are. In order to ensure we have a smooth transition to this new virtual medium, please heed the following instructions carefully:

Step 1) Procure beer, cider, wine, liquor, or other alcoholic beverage of your preference

Step 2) Around 6PM PST on March 25, sit in front of a computer or mobile device with a camera, microphone and internet connection.

Step 3) If you are early, hang out at Sovereignty Lounge here: https://discord.gg/fpwzzBt

Step 4) Start drinking

Step 5) Join the meeting fashionably late at https://caltech.zoom.us/j/4359087668

Step 6) Enjoy the bullshit.

Hear you tomorrow,


PS: Given everything, tomorrow’s meeting will be entirely dedicated to bullshit, which means it is probably going to be all coronavirus. Given our new online format, I suggest you keep handy the links/snippets you want to share, since everyone can read everything at the same time.

PSS: It is VERY IMPORTANT that the beverage you are drinking is alcoholic. Unless you’re pregnant or taking antibiotics, you’ll have a hard time convincing me otherwise. Go buy some beers.