2020-03-18 Sovclub goes virtual! (and, this week, asynchronous)

So! Umm. The world is a different place now. I’m glad we got to have our last-in-person-meeting-for-the-foreseeable-future to suitably be about the plague and quarantines. Nothing new under the sun.

As we adapt to this new reality of “social distance” and live through what is probably going to be know as “the great lockdown of 2020”, sovclub will continue to be here for you, now in virtual form.

For the foreseeable future, we shall conduct meetings and conversations (in text and voice) over Discord. You can join our new server at https://discord.gg/fpwzzBt.

Discord is great, if you are new to it, see caltech.party. Once you join the discord server, sovclub chitchat should go in the #sovclub channel, and voice conversation on the #bullshit voice channel.

This week, exceptionally, we’ll have an asynchronous meeting, likely over chat (but also over google doc, and if multiple people are online you should hop onto the #bullshit voice channel).

Why? Because, remember when we talked about Boccaccio last week? The 13th century Italian guy whose pandemic advice was grab your friends and go to the countryside? Well, I tried grabbing my friends (I failed, but you did get an invitation, which still stands), now I’m going to the countryside (figuratively, kinda, it’s closer to the beach) - I’m flying back to Brazil in a few hours to spend the pandemic there. Yep. In less than a week we went from “normal” to “everybody flippin’ over”. So I’d rather spend the pandemic somewhere less stressful, you know. I’ll still be working, remotely, don’t worry, I’ll be just as productive (which is not to say much).

Now, this weeks topic! There’s actually one. Remember, in that bygone age of two weeks ago, when Kenny said we could write articles, op’eds, and anything that tickled our fancy for the Caltech Undergrad newspaper “The California Tech”? They had an April first edition - not sure if that’s still happening - but regardless, we like saying things, so why not write them? So…

This week we’ll be having Sovclub’s first (s)wordsmanship contest!

It’s as simple as it sounds. You write things, we tell you how terrible they are, the most terrible wins. I’m sure that, after this week, and being hole up at home unable to do labwork, you all have words to say. Anything goes, really (Been meaning to write a romantic comedy heavy on geopolitical jokes? Now’s your time). Go wild.

To keep things simple, write your words in this google doc:

Don’t vandalize other people’s essays (too much), you’re supposed to wreck them with the comments.

In sovereignty,


PS: I’ll be in transit tomorrow at our usual time, but if people would like to be online together for voice group chat before next Wednesday, we can pick a time (I’d suggest Saturday 6pm PST). Let me know in the #sovclub channel!