2020-02-19 Sovcaucus™, the game

Every couple years, at the beginning of the convoluted process to choose the next leader of the free world, people huddle together in what used to be smoke-filled-rooms - and can now be equally accurately described as cookie filled rooms.

The goal of such huddling is for political tribes to thin out the their lists of aspirants to leader of the free world, as well as aspirants to other parts of the political machinery.

It is a messy process. Not only because of all the under-the-table deals and bribing, but also over-the-table ones, with food.

After the success of pitch-a-bill, the game, we now bring to you Sovcaucus™, the game! As in real life, the rules are simple, but the outcome, hopefully, will be messy - and bribes are allowed.

Sovcaucus™ rules:*

i) Decide if you would like to run as a candidate. If so, make up the position and title you are running for. (Hint: a good title may appeal to voters).

ii) All candidates go stay in different parts of the room.

iii) Anyone in the room that is not a candidate is a voter.

iv) Candidates have seven minutes to convince voters to come stand next to them, by the end of which voters confer their vote to their nearest-candidate. Candidates are allowed to bribe voters with food as well as empty promises.

v) If there are n candidates, the worst performing ⌊n/2⌋ candidates lose and become voters. Ties will be decided via rock-paper-scissors**

vi) Steps iv-v are repeated until there is only one candidate left. This candidate is the winner!

vii) The winner will get their title in the constitution. As per article 4, this is technically “constitutional” - or at least, not unconstitutional.

See you at 6pm in BBB B101,

In Sovereignty,


*subject to arbitrary change.

**in the case of there being more than two candidates tied with the same number of voters, a suitable generalization of rock-paper-scissors may be used.